american heart association cpr card template

The AHA remained small until the 1940s when it was selected for support by Procter & Gamble, via their PR firm, from a list of applicant charities. Procter & Gamble gave $1. 5 million from its radio show, Truth or Consequences, allowing the organization to go national. Proctor & Gamble turned cottonseeds from a waste product of cotton production into something that could be sold as a supposedly “heart-healthy” alternative to its competition – animal fats, which were mostly saturated. Proctor & Gamble were the inventors of the fake trans-fat margarine called Crisco (Crystallized Cottonseed Oil), which was touted by the AHA as healthier than butter. We now know that the artificial trans-fat from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils are extremely unhealthy for us. However, the trans fat CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) from grass-fed cows is considered healthy and is even widely sold as a supplement.

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