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Questlove said that the band benefited from the security and practice time provided by their job as the house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Working for NBC, the band is expected to write “short, concise songs, even if they don’t get used on air. We have to create three to seven songs every day. ” Many of these short pieces were used for Undun. Questlove said the new practice space refocused the band’s songwriting style, which was previously dependent on jamming during soundchecks on tour. Questlove said the financial stability of the new job also allowed The Roots to be more musically adventurous: “we could finally follow all those crazy ideas that we’ve had without fear of being dropped by our label. . . Now we have a safety net. Our Def Jam life is now an evening job. We now have the comfort and confidence to start making the albums we want to make. That’s why undun feels like our second album. There’s no pressure. ”

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